Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nightslayer: Part one

The shadows curled and danced around the small cell bars, weaving in and out of the metallic strips, like a fast flowing river. Flame Phoenix smiled to himself quietly. He had seen this once before, but didn’t know where. The other three captives stood by the walls, standing still and quiet, not having the energy to speak. ‘God, zombies were exhausting,’ he thought to himself, realising his own him exhaustion. Star Inkbright looked across at him, staring slightly at his smiling. Lynxia Lost looked at him too aroused by Star’s slight movement of her head. Last in the line, standing a little way across from the others, was Ivy Animosity. She cocked her head at him. Flame instantly knew Ivy was trying to read his mind. He smiled at her and waved. He had weaved a mental barrier in his mind earlier, disallowing her to read it.
     “He’s hiding something,” Ivy muttered pointing towards him. Flame was amazed they hadn’t noticed the shadows.
    Flame raised his hands in defence, “No I’m not.” He received a glare from Ivy. “Honestly.” He said defensively.
The shadows sparked now, growing thicker and darker, going from thin graceful tendrils to thick waterfall like strokes. Flame glanced at the moss covered stone walls. It was ugly, really, it was.
Lynxia moved towards him, stepping across the small stone cell in three large steps. “You’d better be telling the truth, Flame Phoenix!”
   Flame nodded repulsively, looking at her funny. He opened his mouth to speak, but Ivy cut in.
“He’s not; he has created a mind barrier. I saw that part by the way; you aren’t very good at keeping the information within the barrier.”
    “You solely live to annoy me, don’t you?” Flame said rhetorically.
    “You and everyone else, well, those I don’t like that is,”
     “Who’d that be?” Flame questioned, “Enlighten me.”
     “That’d be you.” Ivy answered, grinning slightly.
Star sighed and flicked both Phoenix and Ivy on the ear.  They spun annoyed. Ink laughed weakly and smiled. “Seriously, as exhausted as I am, I’m getting even more exhausted by looking at you two arguing. What’s the plan for getting out of here? “
  Flame shrugged, and then looked at Ivy, who shook her head. He reason why there were trapped was because they had gate crashed a private party, looking to arrest the owner. Unfortunately, they themselves were caught in a predicament. The owner, a man named Ivan Curiosity was a highly trained necromancer had been expecting them. He had raised an army of the dead-zombies- who had filled the hall in swift groups. They had had no chance. They fought hard, but failed to overcome the army. Now they were exhausted and magic less, held in a cell under the mansion of Ivan Curiosity.
     Star peered at Flame and scowled. “You are hiding something. What is it?”
    “Nothing,” Flame said again unconvincingly
“Yes you are!” Ivy and Star chorused, looking at each other then and shuddered.
   “Potty Crock.” Flame avoided them once more.
 “Now, do not call crock mad. That isn't very nice, Flame. You should know better.”
Phoenix laughed shakily. “Fine then,” he pointed to the cell door, “Notice anything?”
All three of them looked slowly and confusedly and shook their heads, looking confused, “There’s nothing there but metal…” Lynxia spoke quietly.
Star asked then, “Are you ok Flame?”
Flame nodded, looking confused. There were shadows there. He knew it. Ivy then walked over to him and looked at Flame curiously. Then touched his forehead, “Are you sure you’re ok?”
   Flame slapped her hand away, and then looked at the cell bars again. The shadows sparked off now in small black shards, disappearing before they hit the floor. The shadows kept curling, until finally they broke apart like a sea being parted and a man stepped through.
  The man was tall and he wore shadows that resembled the ones on the bars.  The man had a hood pulled down over his face and you couldn’t see anything except a grey, cracked mask made of bone.
He stepped across and spoke to Flame through the mind barrier, sending a message that chilled the great Phoenix to the bone. Flame didn’t know where he’d seen the shadows before, but he instantly knew just when the man spoke to him. It was the man who had haunted his dreams when he was younger; the man who had sole fully ruined his life for numerous years. “Phoenix.” Was all he said, and then disappeared? Why?
   The cell bars fell. They just collapsed, falling in on themselves. The latter of people gasped then, without thinking they ran from the small cell. First, Lynxia vaulted through the doorway, closely followed by Star. Ivy stopped and looked at Flame. “You coming?”
   Flame nodded, then reluctantly got up and followed.


  1. I like it. I really do.

    However, I think that Ivy would start shouting if Star flicked her and especially if you slapped her hand away... She's probably bite your arm...

    1. *scuttles away from Val in terror*

      *is not a good scuttler and trips*


      *gets up and stumbling continues scuttling*

      VAL! I'M SORRY! I WOULD NEVER HAVE FLICKED YOU IF I'D REALISED YOU WERE AN ARM BITER!!! *is glad it's Flame she wants to bite and not me*

  2. Ooh!! Fan fic!! And I'm in it, bonus!!

    Brilliant!!! Me cannot waitsies for more!!!
    (Don't ask, the sentence just needed... Extra letters.)


    I actually laughed at my reply to your potty crock . . . The reply that I thought up myself . . . I am such a sad person.

    Maybe the shadows were in Flame's mind? And the man? Maybe it was all the man, invading Flame's mind? Rhetorical questions.

  4. *laughs evilly at Star's attmept to escape*

  5. More please! I love reading stuff about meeeeee! And that isn't selfish at all, am I right?

    But seriously. WRITE. MORE. OF. THIS. STORY.

  6. Coooooooooooooolllll........

  7. What? Weird...
    This is a really interesting one, Phoenix. Why did you ever stop? Write! I love your writing!