Thursday, 7 June 2012

Part 2 of my new story which might have a name now! But im not sure..

I whink bou bwoke my boogh.” Ryder said from the floor, in pain. He spat out blood and a tooth and said again, “Actually, you broke two teeth, knocked one out and I’m bleeding. Thanks.” He looked up and saw the olive skinned boy.  “Hey, Nico.”

 “Hey Alex, how’s it going?”

 “Not great, “Alex admitted, “Definitely could be better.”

Jasmina Rocaine looked at the olive skinned boy named Nico. “Who are you?”

Nico smiled showing big white teeth. “I’m Nico Wild, and this has been  Nico and Alex kicking your butt.” He spun the metal staff and smacked it down hard on the giants head. The giant had been running towards him.  The giant slumped, unconscious his head bleeding in several places. Nico smiled happily.

  The smaller man was making a dash for Alex who was in the procedure of getting up. Alex looked up, and then jumped backwards landing on his hands. He snapped both his legs around the small man’s neck and twisted his body, pulling the man onto the ground. Alex stamped down on the mans nose hard.  He turned to Nico and the two of them walked over to where Jasmina was trying to get the fire door open, without success.

  “You have just been beaten by two teenagers, Jasmina. How do you feel?” Nico laughed at the woman’s failed attempts.

   Alex shrugged and smirked, “We’re going to leave now, ok? You never saw us…” He waved his hand in front of Jasminas face and she fell too, unconscious.

“What did you do?” Nico asked.

“Erased her memory, Why?” he answered.

“Dude, you used magic?”

Alex flicked Nico’s ear and walked on, climbing the stairs up to the ballroom door. “Yeah, I had to erase her memory. I can’t have the agency know I was here.”

Nico followed him, out onto the corridor of the large vessel. “Why is that, exactly?”

Alex turned and spoke disappointment clear in his voice. “I got discharged this morning. For disobeying orders, but it’s no biggie.”

“That’s why you’re locater chip isn’t showing. Did they take it out, or did you?”

“Well, if they took it out, would I be standing here talking to you? No, I’d be dead. You know how they fell about discharged agents running free. They’d have killed me.”

  Nico walked past him and sighed. “You’re an idiot, a complete and utter idiot.”

Alex laughed lightly “I’ve been called worse.”

Nico opened his mouth to respond but closed it as they both heard sirens. He reopened it to say, “Your use of magic alerted every agent in this state you-“ They were in America, in Florida.

Alex put up his hand. Voices swept over them from downstairs, a woman’s voice and two men’s.  

  “Come on Corbier! Jerome! Quickly, before more cops get here.”

Alex rushed over to the banisters and shone the light down.  The three people who were in the ballroom were trying to rush out the door, three abreast failing.  Alex couldn’t help but laugh and when Nico joined him, he laughed too.

“Come on you blubbering idiots!” Jasmina roared pushing out in front, walking- slipping and nearly falling- down the walkway.  The latter followed.

  Alex turned to Nico. “We can’t go that way; there will be too many agents. And plus, they’ll know us. We need to get out of the country. Like, now.”

 Nico sighed and replied, “We can’t use magic, and they’ll be able to trace us! And where would we go anyway? It’s not like we can just go to absolutely anywhere…” He trailed off.  


“What?” Nico said, utterly surprised.

 “Let’s go to London. C’mon.”

  “We can’t! That’s the city with the highest population of magical beings! We’ll sure be traced.” Nico hardly took a breath.

  “Look, ok? I’ve a friend there that can take your chip out. Fake your death. Then I can get properly sorted. I kinda took my chip out on the run with, like... a stone.” He pulled up his sleeve to reveal a massive cut wrapped with a make do bandage made out of a torn up t-shirt.

  “Like I’ve said before, and will say many more times. You’re an idiot.”

  “Whatever,” Alex said playfully and grabbed his hand, teleporting to London. They landed in a tattoo parlour where a man was getting a tattoo from a woman who looked nineteen. He was getting a skull with flames going through the eyes on his back. He was whining like a baby.

   The woman looked up. “Hey…” She seemed unsurprised that two fourteen year olds just teleported into her tattoo parlour. “I’ll be with you in a sec, Al. Go through to the waiting room, will you?” And Alex and Nico did just that.  


  1. An olive skined boy named Nico? Sounds like Percy Jackson

    I am loving this! Please sir, can I have some more?

  2. Maybe...

    And a blond boy with blue eyes named Alex Ryder?

    I just realised my mistakes..

    1. Lol

      Who cares. I came up with a werewolf named Lucian. Some people migth know a certain series with a wereolf named Lucian as well

    2. Yeah, the mortal instruments. *winks*

      We shall keep quiet!

  3. Yes, I was thinking about Percy Jackson a bit while reading it... But great! Continue please.

  4. Nico? Olive skinned? Sounds like Rick Riordan stuff :D
    This was awesome! And I really am liking this story. Please write more!!! PLEASE!

  5. Well done Flame!!

    Will keep up to date with them!

  6. Look, everyone mentioned PJ . . .

    Even me:) It just popped straight into my head at the name Nico.


    Although I don't think interestingerier is a word . . . WHATEVER, IT SHOULD BE:)