Sunday, 9 December 2012


No, this isn't a story.

It's a review.

About a book, a book called Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris.

                     Ireland/UK Paperback                                       American Cover

This book is AMAZING. I mean just read it. It's brilliantly written and Elizabeth's characters are amazing. I actually can't wait for the sequel; Unbreakable. It's going to be amazing.


Get this book for Christmas. You won't be sorry.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

In other news...

Well, I failed nanowrimo once again.With only a measly 3,000 words, which has to be my lowest...


Anyway, it's not like I was going to do well.


Anyway, In Other Other news, I started a short story.

That lead to other ideas.

That is leading to something.

I don't actually know. I had a vision though, just as the class bell rang, signalling lunch, of a very pale woman emerging from a lake her eyes deep red and her black hair flying every, soaking wet and her mumbling, "You're going to pay."

Yeah, it was much more spectacular in my head. Trust me.

Then, I also started a new project. About warlocks. Yay me.

It's failing already.

I'm so special, ohgodhelpme.

In Other Other Other news, I do think that me and my dear Lynxia Lost shall be starting a story together with totally bad-ass, new characters.

I do remember me being supposed to ask Mist and Nix for permission.. but i forgot. I don't even know why I had too. I just did.

God, this is longer than I thought it'd be.

In Other,Other,Other,Other news, The Origin might be written a bit faster now as I know the plot more.
(Inmyheadofcourse, I can't plot.)

And finally, City of Lost Souls. Page 395, I think? Magnus, Simon, Isabelle and Alec. Gay spider. Free Wheeling Bisexual. Try reading that during an English class and not laugh. I did it.