Saturday, 7 July 2012

Chasing the Sun. 1: Love the Leather...

They walked out onto the street from the shop, the five of them, all men. Bunched closely together, they crossed the street to the other side. They had marble like white skin, veins almost showing through their hard pale skin. They resembled each other greatly, almost identical. Clad in black, hands clenched nervously at their sides, beads of cold sweat sliding down their foreheads past thin blonde eyebrows, and onto the bridge of their pointed noses where it dropped off onto the hard concrete ground below. Dark eyelashes curled up to perfection, icy cold blue eyes resting on high cheekbones. Short blonde thick curls bounced as they strode across the black tarmac to where five S.U.V jeeps with tinted windows were parked, doors swinging open as they approached. As they got in, the engines purred to a start and one by one, the cars pulled forward, speeding away down the road, sun blaring down and soon, the S.U.Vs left town.          
Sitting in her dark red Ferrari convertible with the sleek black hood up, Alicia Bond lowered her binoculars, an unsettling smile curling to plump purple lips. She took out a small mobile and hit speed dial ‘1’. After several rings the receiver picked up.
            “Fletch, how long before you can meet me on the road out of town?”
             “Well, I’m kinda busy.” Fletcher Rye shouted back in reply. A sharp shrill shrieking noise boomed in the background as Alicia heard a thump. A ‘pop!’ noise as it were, muffled by the phone line, entered the background.
            “Well, hurry up,” She yelled into the small mobile phone. “You shouldn’t have been that long!”
            “Yeah, OK.” He said flatly. There was another ‘pop!’ Alicia was about to yell into the phone again, but the line went dead and a dull buzzing noise took over the phone line.  Fletcher had hung up. She threw the phone onto the dashboard of the Ferrari convertible in frustration and turned the key in the engine.  The engine roared into life an Alicia’s twisted smile appeared on her lips again. Slamming down hard on the accelerator she sent the car speeding forward, heading out of town in pursuit of the men in the S.U.Vs.
Getting out of the S.U.Vs the men in black leather pants with matching coats smiled with their pale red lips. Their short blonde curls were wet with sweat, their skin almost reflecting the sun. They hurried across the sandy yellow courtyard, feet crunching on the ground as they went. Just below the wrists, just where the jackets ended, you could just see their blue veins from under their nearly translucent skin. Exiting the courtyard they entered the decorated walkway surrounding it. Pillars lined the outside holding up the roof. Wild vines curled upwards, growing past the pillars onto the roof. Inside the walkway they were sheltered and cool. They turned the corner the square walkway and soon came to glass double doors.
            Entering, they immediately felt the cool chill of the Air conditioned room. It was pitch dark, not much need for light. The windows had been blacked out beforehand in preparation. Even so, they still were heavily draped purple curtains over the window in case of any stray shafts of stray light that may be lucky enough to sneak in through the blacked out windows.  They crossed the dark cool room to where two three setter leather couches sat. Two of the men collapsed straight away whereas one other went to the toilet situated in a closet off the side of the room. The other two crossed to the fridge, opening it and pulling out a six pack of beer. Taking the plastic off them, they threw one each to the men sitting. They all took large loud gulps. The man who had gone to toilet came back and also took a can. He drank it deeply, finished it, and took the last one and drank that in one go, too. He crumpled both in his hand and tossed them onto the purple carpet already littered with dirt and other rubbish. He crossed to the fridge and looked in, “Hey Ralf, any other beer left?” He called.
 Ralf, the one who had originally went to the fridge called back switching on the TV, “No, you drank them yesterday you buffoon!”
 “Well… Why didn’t you pick up some in town? Do I have to go back tonight?” Darris said, returning to the other couch where one other was sitting. He collapsed and hit James, the person beside him, and received a glare.
Ralf laughed, “I am not your slave now, am I?” he retorted.
“But aren’t we going hunting tonight?” Daniel chimed. He was sitting between Ralf and Navel. 
“Yeah, I forgot about that. I’ll get more then.” Darris said.
He received bored eye rolls from around the dark room. Navel, the one who had turned on the TV, switched over to a football game. Two teams chased each other around a pitch trying to obtain the ball long enough the score. Daniel muttered something that sounded like ‘attention seeker’ and soon lost himself in the game on the bright shining LED television.  Five minutes later, Navel muted the sound on the TV. “Do you hear that?” He asked, listening intently.

Alicia pulled up into the sandy courtyard, her convertible rolling smoothly in the square. It came to a stop in line with the tinted windowed S.U.Vs. She looked around the courtyard and opened her door with a click. Getting out, Alicia pulled the lever that opened the boot of the convertible. She rounded the car and unzipped a muddy green colour duffle bag. She immediately started to rummage through it, picking up various pointed wooden sticks, arrows and vials filled with holy liquid.
 She slipped a vial into her breast pocket, picked up three cone shaped stakes with dangerously thin points and stuck them into her belt. She unzipped her cashmere sweater to show the top of a leather suit with various pockets, her breast one indented with the shape of the vial. She pulled down her light chord trousers. She picked up another stake and turned towards the glass double doors that lead to a dark, dark, room. Smiling again, Alicia took a step forward.
Entering the room, five beautiful heads turn and registered her.  Alicia had the element of surprise of course.  She crossed the carpeted floor, her eyes adjusting to the ridiculous darkness within the room. She flicked back her black silky hair adjusting a small black Bluetooth earpiece. Her hands slipped down to her belt casually, making sure her stakes were hidden. 
“Hello.” She said casually.
 “Hello,” Ralf said slipping off the couch standing and asked, “Who are you?”
“That’s not important,” Alicia replied. “Wow.”
“What?” Ralf asked.
“You must be the best dressed of your kind I’ve seen so far. Shame, really. Love the leather…” Alicia sighed.
“What do you mean, ‘your kind’?” Darris asked standing up, too.
“I mean nothing by it.” Alicia said elusively.
Darris and Ralf gave each other a quick, concerning glance. They stiffened, shoulders flying backwards. 
“Who are you, and what do you want?” Ralf asked. “And what do you know about us?” He added.
Alicia’s unsettling smile curled upwards on her lips again. Pulling a deadly looking wooden stake she said plainly, “Vampires, prepare to die.”


  1. Cool! *munch* a very munch-worthy chapter *munch*

  2. I love the traditional vampire stuff!

  3. I love Alicia, that's how a vampire hunter is meant to be :)
    Good job on it, the writing is very descriptive. It really puts your readers in there with the characters.

  4. Now an idea comes to my mind...

  5. Wow! Great beginning Flame! Love the diologs and eth descriptive writing! Great detail! I have a hard time with that. SOmetimes have no time at all :P
    SO hurry up and write thenext bit! YAY!

  6. Nice!
    I like the quick excitement!

    1. Oh, how right you are! My sentiments precisely! And the writing was excellent too!

  7. Flame!!! I really like this! The only issue I have, is that the page is really wide, and I lose my spot a lot... If you could maybe fix it...?
    Anyway, this is great :D