Thursday, 11 October 2012

Origin Cover~ Courtesy of Gepard Valk

It's actually called The Destiny Stones now, I had this title when it was made...
Tell meh what you think :P


  1. Looks like a real book someone might pick up in a bookstore

  2. I like it, but me being me (the guy who knows too much about image making), I feel the need to point a few things out.

    Background (taken from Google Images) should be blurred or defused, maybe a little saturated a bit too. It takes away from the rest of the cover and makes it too complicated.
    Other than that, something needs to make the text a bit clearer (not the Conor Brummel part though, that's fine). Maybe a glow or outline.

    It is good though, I'm just obsessive about this stuff. Cool.

  3. I think it's realy cool and it looks like soemthing i'd pick up!
    I like Zath's idea but BUT i think if you dot that make sure the blue in the middle dosn't go dull becaus the bright blue is ... wel bright and it attracts my atention! and the circle is great the colour is great! bright and and it draws my atention to the circle! that's always good!!! the red righting is great because it stands out agenst the blue!

    In total the cover is very bright, colourfull and it atracts my atention!!!

  4. The cover looks cool. It looks like something I would find in a store!